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International ÖKOBAUDAT activities

The life cycle assessment of buildings must be considered in an international context. The method is internationally recognized and standardized; In many EU Member States, EPD programmes have been established in accordance with ISO 14025, which generate their EPDs compliant with EN 15804. For this reason, the ÖKOBAUDAT team is integrated in an international network.

International use and networking

ÖKOBAUDAT is used worldwide for LCA of buildings. Selected examples for the use in building assessment systems are Green Building Council in Denmark and LENOZ by the Ministry of Housing in Luxembourg.

Among the accepted suppliers of EPD data are also EPD programme operators from abroad, such as the Austrian Bau EPD GmbH, other European EPD programme operators are currently applying for recognition. With the European association of EPD programme operators, the ECO Platform, ÖKOBAUDAT has been exchanging information and rules since its establishment.


An important aspect for the BBSR as operator of the ÖKOBAUDAT is the international harmonisation and standardisation. Delegates represent the BBSR in all major standardization committees, such as CEN / TC 350 Sustainability of construction works, Mastermind of EN 15804 Product Category Rules for Construction Products, or ISO / TC59 / SC17, which develops a standard for the application of Environmental Product Declarations in Building Information Modeling (ISO / WD 22057 "Enabling use of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) at construction works level using building information modeling (BIM)").


Internationalisation is being driven forward by commissioning research projects:


Research results around the ÖKOBAUDAT are regularly presented at scientific conferences in Germany and abroad, e.g. at the SBE16 Conference Hamburg, the WSBE 2017 in Hong Kong or the LCM Conference 2017 in Luxembourg. The ÖKOBAUDAT presentation in Barcelona 2014 finally led to the founding of the InData Working Group, the International Open Data Network for Sustainable Building, initiated by BBSR.


To support international cooperation, all website content is also available in English. Since 2018 the generic datasets are fully available in English.