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The current ÖKOBAUDAT datasets can be downloaded as ZIP archive or in CSV format:

These downloads include the very latest data of the current ÖKOBAUDAT release. The last update of the generic database took place on June 15th, 2023.

The archive holds previous versions of the present ÖKOBAUDAT online database.

Technical instructions

The ÖKOBAUDAT Manual contains technical and formal information on the ÖKOBAUDAT database. The required building physics data for construction products in the data transfer of EPD / LCA data to ÖKOBAUDAT are summarized in the "ÖKOBAUDAT instructions for material information".

ILCD+EPD Data format

The data format used in ÖKOBAUDAT is based on the ILCD data format of the European Commission. It was completed by several extensions to, among others, ensure conformity with DIN EN 15804.

The datasets must comply with the given product categories. If there is no suitable product category available in ÖKOBAUDAT, a new category can be suggested via e-mail to BBSR (wb6(at)

The currently valid category definition can be downloaded here:


Compliance of datasets with ILCD+EPD format can be validated using a standalone, cross-platform validation tool:

Download Validation Tool

Download Check profile
Depending on the format version used and conformity to standards, there are separate check profiles:
ILCD+EPD format versionApplicationEN15804+A1EN15804+A2
ILCD+EPD v1.2EPD Editor from version 5.0ÖKOBAUDAT Profile for A1 v1.12.0 (10.06.2024)ÖKOBAUDAT Profile v1.12.0 (10.06.2024)
ILCD+EPD v1.1soda4LCA from version 5.2.0ÖKOBAUDAT Profile v1.0.43 (16.07.2021) 
ILCD+EPD v1.1EPD Editor until version 4.0.0ÖKOBAUDAT Profile v1.0.31 (12.10.2020) 

EPD Editor

Based on the plugin for openLCA, the EPD Editor was developed as a stand-alone software tool, aiming to simplify generation of – also multilingual – datasets in EPD format. Optionally, data can be delivered to ÖKOBAUDAT directly via the online interface (user account and corresponding authorisation required).

Note: The EPD Editor replaces the previously available plugin for openLCA which will no longer be updated.

Technical information

Further information for programmers and software repository