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Technical information

Technical information for software developers with documentations and examples of data format and service interfaces can be downloaded here:

Differentiating datasets compliant to EN 15804+A1 and EN 15804+A2

When accessing data via the API, the parameter „compliance“ can be used to filter for datasets compliant to EN 15804+A1 or EN 15804+A2, respectively. As a value, the UUID of the corresponding source dataset can be used. For example, to request only data compliant to EN 15804+A1 from the data stock OEKOBAUDAT 2021-II, the request URL would be


GET (https)


and, alternatively, for EN 15804+A2 


GET (https) 


source dataset for EN15804+A1

source dataset for EN15804+A2

Further information for programmers and software repository