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Using the ÖKOBAUDAT database

The ÖKOBAUDAT database contains life cycle assessment datasets on building materials, construction, transport, energy and disposal processes. The datasets are subject to strict quality requirements and can be used in many different building assessment systems. With the help of life cycle assessment tools, such as eLCA provided by the BBSR, the entire life cycle of a building can be reconstructed with the ÖKOBAUDAT database. Other life cycle assessment tools worldwide have read in the ÖKOBAUDAT datasets.

Datasets in ÖKOBAUDAT

ÖKOBAUDAT offers both generic datasets and specific environmental declaration datasets from diverse companies or associations. EPD datasets in ÖKOBAUDAT must fulfill further requirements beyond the scope of EN 15804 (see Principles for acceptance of LCA data in ÖKOBAUDAT). Before approval, the EPD programmes and data are checked for conformity with ÖKOBAUDAT requirements (→ Guidance for data providers).

Datasets in ÖKOBAUDAT are based on the background database GaBi. Besides, datasets based on ecoinvent background data are provided in 'additional datasets'.

The ÖKOBAUDAT Manual (available only in German) contains technical and formal information on the ÖKOBAUDAT database.

Terms of use

The BMWSB provides the ÖKOBAUDAT data free of charge and without any restrictions. They are primarily intended for performing life cycle assessment of buildings. Data in ÖKOBAUDAT are provided with great care. The data providers undertake to comply with the conditions of admission. The data is subjected a random check for conformity, completeness and consistency. However, BMWSB / BBSR assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the data. Responsibility for content and values remains with the owner of the records. A liability for deficiencies in the data, in particular also for consequential damages, is not taken over by BMWSB / BBSR. This also applies in the case of the transfer of data to data users (third parties).The free distribution of unmodified data is permitted, provided that the source is named.

With regard to the correct use of the ÖKOBAUDAT datasets for construction products, reference is made to DIN EN 15804: „[…] comparison of the environmental performance of construction products […] shall be based on the product’s use in and its impacts on the building, and shall consider the complete life cycle (all information modules).”

ÖKOBAUDAT is not designed for performing life cycle assessment of building products.

Access to the ÖKOBAUDAT database

The database system with its search and filter functions enables user-friendly online searches of the datasets.

For read access to ÖKOBAUDAT via the service interface, the following base URL must be entered in the software tool:

The download versions of ÖKOBAUDAT can be found on the Downloads page.