Database  Help

Access via the ÖKOBAUDAT websites

The ÖKOBAUDAT datasets can be accessed via different functions of the ÖKOBAUDAT websites both by scrolling through the building materials categories and by full-text search.

Dataset browser

Using the browser, you can scroll through the ÖKOBAUDAT categories. To change to a category and view the respective sub-categories, please click on the category name. A list of the datasets contained occurs in the last sub-category.


Datasets can be searched by keyword in the name or description by use of the search function.
Alternatively, you can enter a classification number or part of a classification number. The list of search results shows all search criteria matching with the datasets.

Dataset detail view

Clicking on the button “HTML”, you can open the dataset detail view. This detail view displays the de-scription fields (metadata) that are subdivided into three subsections as well as a section containing the relevant life-cycle inventory analysis and impact assessment indicators with the data for the individual phases of the product life-cycle.

For better clarity, the yellow-marked sections can be folded in and out clicking on the triangle symbol.

References to other datasets are underlined as hyperlinks enabling you to navigate to the desired da-taset. Clicking on the button “Zurück” (back) at the upper edge of the dataset window, you get back to the previous dataset.


Clicking on the button “XML”, you can download the datasets in the XML format. Using any browser, the respective datasets can then also be opened and viewed locally.

Direct access from software tools

Via the online interface, ÖKOBAUDAT can also be accessed directly from a software tool. For that purpose, the web address of the database (URL) must be entered in your software. For details, please refer to the documentation of your provider.

The address (basic URL) is as follows: