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Unit Group Data set: Volumeneinheit (en) de
Data set information
Name Volumeneinheit
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • GaBiCategories: 27380f43-ce1e-4a26-88d4-88ed91307620 / 30c118c5-1fb2-4c6d-93e3-5450c9698f1e
Quantitative reference
Default Unit m3
Compliance Declarations
Compliance system name
Approval of overall compliance
Fully compliant
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2016-04-15T17:17:49+01:00
Publication and ownership
UUID cd950537-0a98-4044-9ba7-9f9a68d0a504
Data set version 30.00.000
Name Mean value Kommentar
bushel 0.036368926389293
yd3 0.764525993883792
bbl 0.1589873
m3 1.0
ft3 0.0283165793572136
in3 1.63870650995826E-5
l 0.001
gal (US) 0.00378501135503407
gal (UK) 0.00454607446469973