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Unit Group Data set: Units of mass (en)
Data set information
Name Units of mass
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • ILCD: null
General comment Reference Unit Group Data Set of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Default Unit kg
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2014-08-07T11:22:51.165+02:00
Data set format(s)
Publication and ownership
UUID 93a60a57-a4c8-11da-a746-0800200c9a66
Data set version 03.00.000
Preceding Data set version
Permanent data set URI
Name Mean value Kommentar
oz av 0.028349523125 Ounce (avoirdupois); commonly used, but NOT for gold, platinum etc. (see "Ounce (troy)")
kt 2.0E-4 Carat (metric)
mg 1.0E-6 Milligram; 1/1000 g
ug 1.0E-9 Microgram; 1/1000000 g
long tn 1016.0469088 Long ton; only used for displacement of ships
pg 1.0E-15 Picogram; 10^-12 g
sh tn 907.18474 Short ton; some uses in US
Mg 1000.0 Megagram = 1 metric ton
g 0.001 Gram
lb av 0.45359237 British pound (avoirdupois)
oz t 0.0311034768 Ounce (troy); ONLY used for gold, platinum etc.
kg 1.0 Kilogram
t 1000.0 Metric ton
ng 1.0E-12 Nanogram; 1/1000000000 g