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Unit Group Data set: Units of energy (en)
Data set information
Name Units of energy
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • ILCD: null
General comment Reference Unit Group Data Set of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Default Unit MJ
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2014-07-24T14:02:24.984+02:00
Data set format(s)
Publication and ownership
UUID 93a60a57-a3c8-11da-a746-0800200c9a66
Data set version 03.00.000
Preceding Data set version
Permanent data set URI
Name Mean value Kommentar
TOE 41868.0 Ton oil equivalent
J 1.0E-6 Joule
MJ 1.0 Megajoule
kcal 0.0041867 Kilocalorie (International table)
kWh 3.6 Kilowatt times hour
GJ 1000.0 Gigajoule
MWh 3600.0 Megawatt times hour
TCE 29307.6 Ton coal equivalent
btu 0.001055056 British thermal unit (International table)