Database  Interfaces

In addition to being provided with the web user interface, ÖKOBAUDAT has a standardized interface for data exchange via which other applications and software tools can read datasets from ÖKOBAUDAT and, using certain permissions, can import them directly into ÖKOBAUDAT.


This enables e.g., compilation of EPD datasets in LCA tools such as openLCA and, conversely, direct access of LCA tools to the datasets of ÖKOBAUDAT.



Presently, the free open source life-cycle analysis tool openLCA and the eLCA software for building life-cycle analysis support data exchange via the interface.

Read access

For read access to ÖKOBAUDAT via the service interface, please enter the following basic URL in your software tool:

Writing access

If you wish to import data directly from your application or software tool into ÖKOBAUDAT, please con-tact BBSR using the e-mail address shown on the right to obtain the required access data. Please also consider the instructions for inclusion of data into ÖKOBAUDAT. 

Data format

The data format used in ÖKOBAUDAT is based on the ILCD data format of the European Commission. It was completed by several extensions to, among others, ensure conformity with DIN EN 15804.

Information for software developers

Technical information for software developers with documentations and examples of data format and service interfaces can be downloaded here:

Further information for programmers, software repository